If you want to secure your Bitcoin offline to personal Bitcoin wallet contact us. We will stop your trader. As soon as the trader is stopped you can transfer the Bitcoin on Bitstamp to your own Bitcoin wallet

To secure your Bitcoins you need to take the following action:

  • Install a Bitcoin wallet app on your smartphone (Android of iOS)
  • Transfer your Bitcoins from Bitstamp to your own Bitcoin wallet

Installing a Bitcoin wallet

For every well known smartphone there is a Bitcoin wallet available which can be used to receive and send Bitcoins. We have good experience with the Mycelium app for Android and the Copay app for the iPhone.

Backup your Bitcoin wallet

Before you start sending Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet it is VERY IMPORTANT to make a backup first of the Bitcoin wallet. The application will ask to make a backup as soon as you start it for the first time. The backup consists of 12 or 24 unique English words which you need to write down on a piece of paper. When your smartphone is broken or lost you can restore the Bitcoin wallet using these backup words and you will have all your Bitcoins back which where stored in the Bitcoin wallet. Store this paper backup securely!

Warning: DO NOT store this backup of 12 or 24 words on a PC. This is very insecure. Mallware can easily steal these backup words and criminals will then be in the possession of all your Bitcoins

Transferring your Bitcoins

You only have to transfer the Bitcoins at Bitstamp to your own Bitcoin Wallet, the USD can simply remain.

Do you have an Android phone follow the instructions how to transfer Bitcoins to your Mycelium Bitcoin wallet

Do you have an iPhone follow the instructions how to transfer Bitcoins to your Copay Bitcoin Wallet