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Step 2: Create an API key at Bitstamp

To allow to trade on your behalf, we need a so-called API key. You can create this yourself in Bitstamp and it works as follows:
  • Log in to Bitstamp
  • Go to settings menu (click on user icon at the top right)

  • Click on “Settings”
  • Now click on “API – Access” in the menu on the left

  • Leave the filter fields empty.
  • Choose your “Associated account” with which you want to trade.

Tip: If you want to start trading yourself, it is better to create a sub-account for Cryptotrader in advance.

  • Now check only the following “Permissions”:


  • Now click on “Enter 2FA & Submit” button


You will now see the following screen

You will now see the API key and the associated SECRET. Make a copy of your API-KEY and SECRET by clicking on it and paste it (completely) in a simple text editor.

Tip: Use a simple text editor (Windows: Notepad, MacOS: TextEditor) to copy / paste the API key / SECRET and NOT Microsoft Word. This can change the key due to its automatic formatting so that the key is no longer valid.

The SECRET is only shown once and can no longer be requested. You will need this API-KEY and SECRET later.
IMPORTANT: After that you need to “Activate” the API key. To do this, click on the “Activate” button. You will then receive an email from Bitstamp with a confirmation link. As soon as you clicked on the link in the email  your key is valid.


Now proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Transfer money to Bitstamp